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ALPHAKIT is the new construction kit for shoring solutions up to 30 m height and bridging spans of 27.75 m.The system makes an impressive case due to its fast assembly procedure thanks to the proven fitting pin connections.

Easy pre-assembly without a crane
with easy to handle, lightweight  individual  components

Fast and safe assembly
due to high load-bearing connections with a maximum of 2 Fitting Pins and Cotter Pins per connection

Few core components
and a variable range of applications make the system simple and cost-efficien

Shoring towers with access solutions

The ALPHAKIT tower can transfer high loads from the formwork,  in-situ concrete bridges and prefab-ricated parts as well as reinforced concrete structures. In the process, vertical loads of up to 300 kN per leg are permitted.

Height adjustments of +/- 75 mm are possible with the Head Spindle. If the Head Spindle is not loaded, it can be easily adjusted by hand. When under load, the hydraulic Unit HD allows con-trolled lowering and lifting of the Head Spindle.

The Hydraulic Unit HD consists of a lifting cylinder and hand pump. The manometer shows the pressure (bar) along with the direct force (kN). Only one Hydraulic Unit HD is required per tower.

The ladder facilitates safe access to the Head Spindle. It is quickly mounted – the ladder connection is simply in-serted in the Horizontal Posts and secured with a wedge.

Areas of application of the  ALPHAKIT  towers

  • Tower heights up to 30.00 m
  • Shuttering and striking under load with the mobile Hydraulic Unit HD
  • Height adjustments +/- 75 mm with the Head Spindle

Permissible vertical loads

  • Up to 300 kN per leg

Truss Girders

The ALPHAKIT Truss Girder serves to transfer loads from in-situ con-crete or prefabricated components in bridge and building construction.

In addition to the shoring tower, the Truss Girder can also be supported on a main beam bracket or Steel Waler.  As a result, temporary support can be cost-effectively realized with the help of Truss Girders also, for example, in industrial and cultural building construc-tion.

The Cross Diagonals of a truss girder package provide additional bracing serve between the top and bottom chords in addition to the braced areas.

Areas of use of ALPHAKIT Truss Girders

  • Span widths up to 27.75 m

Permissible bending moment of a Truss Girder Frame

  • up to 800 kNm

Pedestrian Bridges

The ALPHAKIT pedestrian bridge serves as temporary shoring for allowing pedestrians to cross an obstruction.

When using ALPHAKIT as a pedestrian bridge, spans with a single-span width of up to 28.75 m can be realised. With temporary centre support, the sys-tem ́s width can be flexibly adjusted and expanded. PERI UP can be used as decking and guardrails.

Areas of application of the ALPHAKIT pedestrian bridge

  • Max. length single span: 28.75 m
  • Standard width: 2.5 m
  • Standard height: 2.5 m  (constructively)