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ואריו-קיט VARIOKIT מערכת ליציקת כרכוב VGB


The VARIOKIT Cantilevered Parapet Track is used for the construction and refurbishment of cantilevered parapets at the edge of bridges for over superstructures over 150 m.

Essentially, the VGB consists of core components taken from the VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit which are supplemented by functional system components such as the Roller Unit. As a result, the parapet track is characterized by a high degree of flexibility and can be used, for example, on short cantilevers. The cleverly designed VGB suspension ensures a safe transfer of loads in all conditions; also when concreting, no additional fixings on the superstructure are required. Through the anchoring to the underside of the bridge, the top of the bridge is freely accessible. As a result, construction site traffic is not affected and work operations can be carried out on and under the bridge during moving traffic.

Optimised for your project
Flexibly adaptable system which is based on the VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit.

Fast work operations
Additional anchoring is not required because the Roller Unit safely transfers the concreting loads.

Complete system solution
Formwork, pulling and anchor technology from a single source

Technische Daten

  • Individual formwork configurations depending on the parapet geometry
  • The influence width depends on the parapet size. The guidelines are approximately as follows:
    • Influence width 1.50 m for cross-sectional areas of parapet up to  0.20 m²
    • Influence width 1.25 m for cross-sectional areas of parapet up to  0.40 m²
    • Influence width 1.00 m for cross-sectional areas of parapet up to  0.60 m²
  • Reasonable moving lengths from 20 to 25 m