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רגלי אלפא PEP Alpha


PERI PEP Alpha B and D fulfill the DIN EN 1065 load-bearing capacity requirements. These prop types cover 80% of the general range of application for tubular steel props in residential and light industrial construction. PERI offers the PEP Alpha slab props exclusively for sale – at an extremely efficient price-performance ratio. The maximum load-bearing capacity is up to 36.1 kN.

High security
Safe working is guaranteed at all times due to safety clearance against crushing injuries of the hand and the anti-drop device for the inner tube

All parts of the PEP Alpha slab prop are hot-dip galvanized

Tried and tested robustness
Robust and tested design according to DIN EN 1065

Technical Details

Product variant Extension length Weight Maximum load-bearing capacity
PEP Alpha D-300 1.80 m – 3.00 m 15.9 kg 36.1 kN
PEP Alpha D-350 2.00 m – 3.50 m 19.1 kg 36.1 kN
PEP Alpha B-300 1.82 m  – 3.00 m 15.2 kg 30.0 kN
PEP Alpha B-350 2.07 m – 3.50 m 17.7 kg 30.0 kN



  • Hot-dipped galvanized
  • Integrated anti-drop device
  • Safety clearance of 10 cm protects against crushing injuries of the hand