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רגל תמיכה מסיבית PERI UP Flex HD


The 4-legged heavy-duty prop consists of PERI UP Flex system components and carries concentrated loads up to 200 kN. The hydraulic cylinder in the base allows displacement and force-controlled lowering of the prop under load as well as planned force-controlled pre-stressing which is required with shoring in existing buildings. The hydraulics can be moved from prop to prop which reduces cylinder requirements. 

Systematic prestressing
with hydraulic cylinders, e.g. for shoring in existing buildings 

Controlled release under load 
through the hydraulic cylinder in the base 

through the use of standard components from the PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding 

Lightweight and small-sized components 
for easy handling in confined spaces during refurbishment in existing building and industrial facilities 

Technical Details

  • 4-legged heavy-duty prop for transferring concentrated loads up to 200 kN with assembly heights up to 8.00 m
  • Comprising PERI UP Standards with lengths from 50 cm to 3.00 m, Ledgers UH Plus, Lowering and Head Spindles as well as an additional hydraulic unit for the base
  • Continuous height adjustment via the Head Spindle; prestressing and release via the Lowering Spindle with the help of the hydraulic Lowering Unit HD
  • Mechanical load transmission when at rest via the Adjusting Nut
  • Head Spindle with 3° tiltable Head Plate; connection to HDT Main Beam possible