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מגדל תמיכה מודולרי PERI UP Flex Plus


With standards and ledgers from the PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffolding as well as only a minimum number of additional components, shoring especially for slab tables can be realized. For the head and base areas, strengthened standards along with spindles featuring large extension lengths are used with the PERI UP Flex Shoring Tower Plus. This allows the table construction to be lowered as required, particularly important when moving under beams. 

Large spindling range 
of up to 88 cm in the head and base areas 

through the use of system components from the PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffolding 

Enhanced load-bearing capacity 
for heights up to 8.76 m and leg loads up to 52 kN 

Technical Details

  • Reliable load-bearing capacity: 52 kN (restrained at the top)
  • Variable ground plan in 25 cm and 50 cm increments
  • As support under slab tables: 4-legged or 6-legged for large-sized tables (e.g. VARIODECK)
  • Continuos height adjustment with up to 88 cm spindle extensions at the top and bottom
  • Use as shoring tower also possible
  • Using reinforced standards, can also be used only in the base area and with standard components in the head area