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PERI Apps make construction site operations easier

11 בספט׳ 2014

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11 בספט׳ 2014
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More digital solutions in formwork and scaffolding

Tablets and smartphones have long been an essential part of day-to-day operations on the construction site. They help the construction team, foremen and site supervisors to complete their tasks. PERI has developed resp. updated three of its helpful apps for formwork and scaffolding: Formwork Load Calculator, MULTIFLEX Configurator and ST 100 Stacking Tower Configurator are now available on the website featuring an extensive range of benefits.

PERI Apps and Tools deliver genuine added value to users for construction site operations: quickly complete simple calculations, access important and up‑to‑date information in seconds, create necessary documentation directly as a PDF and send via email – just a few of the functions that make day-to-day operations a bit easier on the construction site with PERI.

A whole range of apps for various end devices now exist; further tools are in the planning and development stages. The most important focus of digital PERI tools: to optimise and accelerate the recurring, necessary steps in the planning and design phases, and to offer genuine support and time savings in day-to-day operations on the construction site.

Calculate concreting speeds for wall formwork

Calculating fresh concrete pressure has become ever more important since use of highly flowable concrete became more common. This presents the construction site team with the important and often difficult task of calculating how quickly and with which concrete and which wall formwork concreting can be executed.

The PERI Formwork Load Calculator helps professional users calculate the correct fresh concrete pressure and the maximum rate of rise in accordance with the standard DIN 18218 “Pressure of fresh concrete on vertical formwork”. To do this, the Formwork Load Calculator takes into account the possible concreting speed for defined PERI wall formwork systems depending on the selected concreting height and the deformation requirements.

PERI wall formwork systems MAXIMO 330, MAXIMO 270, TRIO 270, TRIO 330 and DOMINO 250 are directly selectable on site, along with their anchoring systems DW 15, DW 20, MX 15 and MX 18 for calculation of the maximum rate of rise.

Calculate beam and prop spacing for slab formwork

The PERI MULTIFLEX Configurator enables users to work out very quickly the permissible spacing for the secondary and primary beams, and the resulting prop spacing for the PERI slab formwork MULTIFLEX GT 24 / GT 24 and MULTIFLEX VT 20K / VT 20K. Once the user enters the values for slab thickness and secondary beam spacing, the MULTIFLEX Configurator will calculate the maximum permissible spacing for his primary beams and props with the associated prop loads and maximum cantilever length. By entering the clear room height the user can also view the prop extension lengths and a list of possible prop types from the extensive PERI range.

Safely define key values for shoring systems

The PERI ST 100 Stacking Tower Configurator helps users to define key values safely for shoring systems. With the ST 100 Stacking Tower Configurator users can quickly determine the permissible leg loads and the minimum loads against sliding with ease and precision. Results are based on the Type Test TP‑12‑004 of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) and on PERI's performance data. The tool enables users to choose from extensive configuration scenarios for various head spindle types, and to consider wind effects on the shoring and the use of diagonal bracing into the calculation. This app provides solutions for tower heights between 2.00 m and 22.29 m.