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Cantilevered system combination for refurbishment measures

9 בנוב׳ 2015

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9 בנוב׳ 2015
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Hotel Le Royal, Luxembourg

Cantilevered platforms have accelerated the complete renovation of a luxury hotel in Luxembourg. The customized project solution was based on two compatible PERI modular construction systems: VARIOKIT and PERI UP.

The 5 star Hotel Le Royal in the centre of Luxembourg underwent extensive renovation work in 2015. For this, complete sections of the structure had to be gutted and totally renovated in the space of only 9 months whereby a total of 165 rooms were completely emptied and stripped down to the building shell. The safe and quick disposal of the rubble as well as removing large sized wall and slab panels was carried out by means of an offset arrangement of cantilevered load platforms on each floor. Due to the expansion construction work on the ground floor, erecting a working scaffold on the facade side was not possible; furthermore, anchoring on the hotel frontage was also not permitted.

Combined modular construction systems

The planning and assembly involved a total of 8 working platforms using two PERI modular construction systems: VARIOKIT and PERI UP. In addition, MULTIPROP aluminium slab props reliably supported the RCS climbing rails – which ran inwards through the window openings – against the floors and slabs. Externally, the cantilevered VARIOKIT supporting beams was used to form generously sized working and material platforms with the help of the PERI UP scaffolding system. Each of 6.25 m long and 2.50 m wide load platforms fulfilled two tasks: the intermediate level under the right window was dimensioned for positioning a bulk materials container; large-sized materials could be moved out through the left window by means of a suspended formwork carriage.

Uniform modular grid system

The customized solution developed by the PERI engineers completely matched all project specifications, i. e. geometrically adapted with regard to the structural dimensions and statically regarding platform usage requirements. Equally helpful for the planning and installation was the system´s uniform 25 cm modular grid arrangement of the VARIOKIT and PERI UP as well as standardized connecting means. The exclusive use of rentable standard components resulted in considerable time savings and, in particular, cost benefits.