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PERI at BAU 2017

18 באוק׳ 2016

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18 באוק׳ 2016
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PERI focuses on smaller companies and the trade at BAU 2017

What can one of the largest internationally operating manufacturers of scaffolding and formwork systems possibly offer smaller construction companies, tradesman or even municipal building enterprises? Quite a lot as it happens – as shown by the range of options PERI is presenting at BAU 2017. The fact is such companies can also profit from innovative products, supporting services and the know-how gained from major projects.

Through numerous large and demanding construction and infrastructure projects, PERI is extremely well-known and enjoys a huge reputation in formwork and scaffolding construction, and the acquired know-how can very easily be transferred to smaller construction sites and typical tradesman applications. Concreting work, e.g. for foundations, retaining walls or other small-scale applications, is also an activity, for example, in the gardening and landscaping sectors. Scaffolding and working platforms are required in many trades as well as construction-related industries.

Extensive product portfolio from props to scaffold systems and stopend formwork to clamps

With a smaller format, more flexible, easier to handle and a therefore more efficient utilization for many applications - PERI is presenting the latest developments in formwork and scaffolding technology at BAU 2017 which will be of particular interest for smaller companies. The innovative PERI UP Easy facade scaffolding system and the PERI DUO light-weight formwork, made of a fibre-reinforced technopolymer, will be showcased on the fair stand to demonstrate just how the PERI development department has implemented these goals.

The innovation performance from PERI regarding the PERI UP Easy facade framework, which is one focal point of the stand demonstrations, is clearly placed in the foreground. Low weights, a reduced number of components and simple hand movements with the mostly tool-free assembly and dismantling are one aspect of this new type of frame scaffolding. The high level of working safety due to the guardrail mounted in advance shows the second important side of the scaffolding system which is currently undergoing approval procedure.

Another main focus at the PERI fair stand is the lightweight DUO Universal Formwork for walls, slabs, columns and foundations which are constructed by means of a new technical polymer. The panels are especially light and therefore easy to move by hand around the construction site or on the ground. The connecting elements consist of the same technopolymer, and assembly is carried out using a few easy steps. Less experienced users can also quickly learn how to handle the formwork with very little training required.

PERI´s third focal point at BAU 2017 is on components such as formlining, formwork girders, props, slab stopend angles and wall clamps. In short, PERI will be showing a wide range of work materials and equipment for smaller concrete construction projects which should be standard equipment for all operations regardless of size.

Last but not least, PERI supports its customers with expert advice, user training as well as planning services. On the stand, visitors can find out more about the entire PERI performance spectrum.


Facade scaffolding of the next generation

PERI UP Easy* brings new design principles into scaffolding construction

Quick assembly speed, particularly safe but nevertheless fast working operations due to a whole bundle of constructional measures combined with a lower weight thanks to high-strength steels: the PERI UP Easy Facade Scaffolding has left the usual pathways used in scaffold construction and shows a high degree of innovativeness that pays off.

PERI UP Easy shows just how much potential for innovation exists in systems such as facade scaffolds. At the BAU 2017, PERI is providing a deep insight into the system which is about to be introduced onto the market - building approval has been applied for and is currently being assessed. The large number of detail improvements and new constructive solutions is worth taking a closer look in every case.

Scaffold nodes for maximum connection versatility

Important criteria for the efficient operational performance of a scaffolding system are connection techniques and connection elements. For PERI UP Easy, PERI has integrated the scaffold nodes directly into the frame in the form of a rosette. Here, components such as ledgers, supports and brackets are directly attached. This therefore functions without requiring couplers or other additional components; for example, also when scaffolding building corners and the installation of staircase units.

PERI UP ledgers, brackets and supports have a connection in the form of a wedge which is hooked into the rosette opening. In the process, the securing wedge drops into the rosette opening through its own weight and locks automatically. At PERI, this design detail is referred to as the “Gravity Lock”. With one blow of a hammer, the wedge is secured in position. Furthermore, this ledger connection can also be easily and accurately realized at a distance; in addition, this mechanics of this node connection prevents any accidental release due to impacts on the underside of the ledger.

The integrated scaffold node offers a total of eight connection possibilities, four each for ledgers and diagonal bracing directly on the rosette nodes. Moreover, there are four further connection possibilities for ledger braces on the ledgers. PERI UP Easy is available with two system widths, adapted to suit Width Class W 06 and W 09. For the system width of 67 cm, the one-piece 66 cm combi‑decking or 33 cm wide steel decks are used. For the alternative system width of 100 cm, it is also possible to use the 25 cm decks from the tried‑and‑tested PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffolding System.

Lightweight construction and work safety complement each other

As with the PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffolding, the ledgers consist of a rectangular hollow profile instead of the frequently used circular profiles which results in a significant weight reduction but still having the same load-bearing capacity. With PERI UP Easy, lightweight construction has a high priority in the specifications sheet. The heaviest frame component for system width 100 weighs 12.5 kg while all other components (except for the large‑size one-piece combi‑decking) are even lighter.

The low weight of the components is also a contribution to health and safety in the workplace as it significantly reduces the physical strain during assembly and dismantling. The self‑locking components, such as the “Gravity Lock” and the integrated lock against lifting in the decking, also add further to the safety. With the decks, the integrated securing clamp wraps around the rectangular ledger and thereby secures the position of the decking – the PERI UP decks are thereby prevented from lifting after installation without requiring any additional components. If necessary, the decking can be subsequently removed also only individual bays, e.g. for bringing in materials.

Incidentally, the vast majority of working steps are done without the use of tools, right through to the assembly of the Easy quick coupling system.

The most important contribution to accident protection, however, is the securing of the next higher working level in advance. The guardrail of the next scaffolding level is mounted from below with the lifting of the frame; the level is never accessed until it is safe to do so. For assembling the basic structure, the wearing of elaborate personal protective equipment to prevent falling can usually be dispensed with.

The PERI UP overall concept: few components, great functional diversity

Thanks to the integrated scaffold nodes on the Easy Frame, PERI UP Easy can be combined with the PERI UP Flex modular system. The consistent alignment of the entire PERI UP scaffolding technology thus accommodates the metric grid arrangement and the same decking system for all PERI UP scaffold applications ensure a wide range of solution possibilities. The crucial "interfaces" have become more universal in their function. As a result, a very wide range of applications can be realized with PERI UP while using the same scaffolding system. Facade scaffolds can be realized exactly in the same way as work and safety scaffolding and scaffold towers, working platforms and stair towers.

All in all, new perspectives have been created due to the significant work simplification featuring the reduced weight and high degree of constructive occupational health and safety protection regarding the areas of application as well as the cost-effectiveness of scaffolding operations.

* Please note that the German approval by the building authorities for PERI UP Easy has been applied for, but not been granted yet. Until such approval by the building authorities is granted, the application of PERI UP Easy is only allowed with a further individual approval.


Lightweight formwork construction with newly developed technopolymer

Universal lightweight formwork PERI DUO for walls, columns, slabs and foundations

It has not been on the market very long – and yet it has still managed to establish a new category of lightweight formwork: PERI DUO is made of high‑strength technical plastic and can be quickly assembled without requiring any special tools. In its performance segment, it offers unusually simple and comfortable handling.

The majority of the building sector is made up mostly of smaller construction companies, artisanal and municipal businesses involved in correspondingly modest contracts rather than a focus on large construction projects. Small-format and easy‑to‑handle formwork systems such as the PERI DUO are therefore a valuable option to have available in order to deal with the wide range of tasks found in construction, refurbishment and renovation.

Technical plastic instead of steel, aluminium and wood

Consistent lightweight construction is not only a question of optimizing geometries and material usage but also the materials actually used. On the basis of a new fibre‑reinforced technopolymer especially developed for this application, PERI has realized a formwork system which is robust and ageing‑resistant even when regularly used in tough jobsite environments. PERI DUO is comprised of relatively small‑sized panels whereby a frame element is covered with precisely adapted formlining sheets.

The material, which is used to produce the panels along with a large number of the required components, is resistant to moisture-induced swelling and shrinkage, is extremely corrosion-resistant and is problem-free when coming into contact with concrete. In the intended application segments, with their comparatively manageable loads and fresh concrete pressures, this results in significant weight savings compared to steel or aluminium constructions. The new material has further advantages such as far fewer sharp edges. The fact that almost no tools are required reduces noise levels which are very beneficial in the case of refurbishment work on existing buildings as well as inner city projects.

Lightweight construction has a positive impact regarding logistics and handling. Transport on the construction site can be carried out manually without requiring any machines or a crane as the heaviest components weigh only around 25 kg. Even two connected DUO Panels with a standard wall height of 270 cm can easily be brought into position by two workers. In particular, the system can therefore make full use of its advantages in closed areas.

Walls, foundations, slabs, columns with one system

In the design phase, PERI also focused on designing the system components to ensure that they could be used very flexibly for a wide range of applications in different combinations and configurations. With DUO, walls, slabs, columns and foundations can be formed with largely identical system components. More than two‑thirds of the components are identical for horizontal and vertical applications.

The systematic reduction of the components is continued throughout the entire system. There is only one connector for all panels, one post for external and internal corners, the push‑pull prop connector is simultaneously the connection for the guardrail posts and serves to fix the bracing for slab formwork. The versatility in application has therefore been broken down to the level of the individual system components.

Less storage space, wider range of functions, less investment costs

The numerous identical components for horizontal and vertical applications not only ensure a consistent operating and assembly logic, they also keep purchasing costs and storage space to a minimum - without compromising the range of functions in any way. All this makes the system formwork particularly interesting for smaller companies as well as for enterprises that are seldom or to a lesser extent active in concrete construction. PERI configures and provides corresponding standard equipment packages.


Strong plywood formlining, small helpers

Accessories and components from PERI around formwork and scaffolding technology

On every construction site, components, tools and other accessories are used for concrete construction. At BAU 2017, PERI is showcasing a selection of plywood formlining, formwork girders and slab stopend angles, props, wall clamps and other construction aids available in formwork technology.

Standard components, aside from the more extensive formwork and scaffolding systems, naturally belong to the range of equipment for all those who build with concrete. The "toolbox" for concrete construction begins with plywood formlining, slab stopend angles and formwork girders but a lot more actually belongs to a practical and sensible set of basic equipment

Practically speaking, formwork sheets are an important component for all work done with concrete. PERI has a great deal of know-how and expertise in plywood formlining for virtually all areas of application, ranging from the classic 3-ply panels made of treated wood through to special products for meeting high and extremely high demands in surface finishes.

Timber formwork girders with high load-bearing capacity and bending stiffness, slab props for a wide range of high prop loads and also push-pull props are likewise part of the PERI programme as concrete release agents, wall clamps or tool sets consisting of tie rod spanner, tie rod wrench and stripping bar.

All PERI accessory products and individual components are designed and manufactured with the know-how that is decisive for the complex PERI formwork and scaffolding systems. This also benefits smaller construction sites and artisanal projects.

Visit PERI at BAU 2017 in Hall A2, Stand 115.