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Targeting worldwide growth

23 בדצמ׳ 2016

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23 בדצמ׳ 2016
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Entering the New Year with product innovation and increased production capacity

PERI can look back with great satisfaction at events in 2016 and retains a positive outlook regarding future business development. Special highlights of the year included participation at the world´s leading trade fair, bauma, where the latest innovations from Weissenhorn were showcased as well as the purchase of a site in Günzburg (about 20 km from headquarters in Weißenhorn) on which the master production plant for PERI UP scaffolding technology is currently being realized. As a result, PERI has provided the right impulse and set the course for the future.

In 2016, the strongest growth drivers were the USA and Canada while a number of countries in Central and Eastern Europe also developed extremely well. From the PERI Group's point of view, the somewhat weaker business performance in the Middle East and some Asian markets could be comfortably compensated. In Central Europe, construction activity proved to be very stable, and the company recorded continuous increases in orders over the entire year. For the financial year 2016 PERI is therefore expecting a moderate increase in turnover.

The projects: references from 2016

Also in 2016, PERI formwork and scaffolding technology was used to construct countless buildings worldwide. "For architecturally and technically outstanding projects all over the world, our customers particularly appreciate our high level of planning competence and excellent delivery capability. Furthermore, we also made a convincing and impressive case with our involvement in a huge number of smaller construction projects, in particular through the efficiency and application safety of our products," emphasized Alexander Schwörer, son of the company founder and Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at PERI.

An outstanding solution in 2016, for example, was provided for the Generali Tower in Milan which, with its elegant rotational movement, carries the unmistakable signature of the internationally renowned architect, Zaha Hadid. The shell construction of this architecturally noteworthy structure was completed requiring only 17 months of construction time thanks to the PERI technology and concept.

An extremely tight construction schedule also characterized the reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace. In addition to the provision of large quantities of materials, PERI engineers ensured that on-going jobsite support was guaranteed throughout and all project requirements could be fulfilled.

With PERI UP scaffolding technology, PERI is gradually gaining access to the target group of industrial users – this has included a large-scale project in Canada: north-east of Edmonton in Alberta, the world's most advanced oil sand refinery has been under construction since 2013. It is expected that the PERI UP modular scaffolding and PERI 3D scaffolding planning will continue to provide significant time and cost savings until autumn 2017 when this major project will finally be completed.

Start into 2016: the world´s leading trade fair bauma 2016

For PERI, 2016 began with a major international event: during the bauma in April 2016, the family owned company presented a wide range of proven systems along with two new important developments – the PERI DUO Universal Formwork and PERI UP Easy Facade Scaffolding – to around 175,000 customers and prospective customers from all over the world.

DUO is the first universal formwork to be made out of a technopolymer and which is particularly convincing due to its simple handling, low weight and very wide range of application possibilities. The innovative character of the product has been confirmed through the award of a number of prestigious prizes during the year.

The PERI UP Easy Facade Scaffolding also celebrated its world premiere in Munich. In addition to an efficient assembly procedure, the new system focuses on the safety of the users which, in turn, has naturally attracted tremendous interest in the scaffolding industry. Both innovations have elicited an extremely positive resonance and are now being gradually introduced into the various, relevant PERI markets.

Strategy for the future: international growth

PERI is targeting further international growth in all business areas – and is currently setting up its organization accordingly. Among other things, the company strategy is pursuing a clear and sustainable growth for its scaffolding technology. A necessary prerequisite for this is a modern scaffolding production plant complete with the appropriate capacities. As all areas available for expansion at the headquarters in Weißenhorn in South Germany are limited, the new primary plant for PERI UP scaffold technology is currently being realized in the neighbouring town of Günzburg.

"For us, the new production site is another important step in our growth strategy for the scaffolding market. We think very much in the long term and, through this additional facility, have created the framework conditions for future company growth." explained Leonhard Braig, Managing Director of Products and Technology at PERI. At the same time, considerable investment is also being planned for the Weissenhorn site as the production of PERI formwork technology at company headquarters is under constant scrutiny which is in line with PERI´s primary plant concept. "Our goal is to expand PERI's production facilities worldwide thus creating an efficient networked system in order to ensure our competitiveness over the long term," added Leonhard Braig.

In various country subsidiaries too, investment has been and is being made which includes the establishment of a PERI subsidiary in Tanzania in 2016. In addition, new and expanded exhibition, office and logistics buildings have been set up at various locations, for example, in Belgium and Poland.

Prospects for 2017: with suitable products in the markets

For 2017, PERI is expecting a sound business development and increasing turnover in all areas. Worldwide, there is, among other things, a high demand for residential and infrastructure construction; in North America, as well as in many European cities, many high-rise structures are being constructed.

In order to meet the demands in all markets, PERI is constantly developing new products and systems. In the process, different types of construction for example along with other aspects such as construction site equipment or staff levels in the respective countries are looked at carefully and taken into consideration. A current example of such market-specific development is a new type of self-climbing formwork for massive high-rise cores which is currently being introduced in the USA and Canada.

PERI: successfully active in the market for over 45 years

Weissenhorn-based PERI GmbH is well-known worldwide for its innovative formwork and scaffolding technology, and the very best solution expertise. In total, round about than 8,000 employees in more than 60 subsidiaries generated sales of more than EUR 1.3 billion. With 130 storage facilities, PERI serves countless construction sites in over 90 countries around the world.

PERI provides construction companies and scaffolding contractors of every size the best solution in each case for rational building, maintenance and refurbishment projects. Core competences are the development and production of innovative formwork and scaffolding systems as well as engineering services for customized project solutions. For optimizing all formwork and scaffolding-related processes, the service spectrum also includes a wide range of technical, logistic and commercial services.

Since its founding in 1969, the company has been growing steadily. PERI expects moderate growth for the current business year. "Through the early and consistent internationalization strategy, PERI is now able to participate in the growth of the Asian, American and the Middle East markets. In the meantime, we generate almost 90% of our turnover abroad. Due to this international positioning, we are also in a better position to compensate for national economic crises such as those experienced in 2015, for example, in Brazil or Ukraine," explained Dr. Fabian Kracht, Managing Director Finance and Organization.